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Ellie Green

I am a Print Designer based in the U.K. My passion for colour, print and pattern is translated
into surface pattern designs. I create designs that can be applied to a range of surfaces and
products such as; textiles, fabrics, wallpapers, interior furnishings and much more.

I founded Ellie Green Design so I could have a productive outlet for my creativity and skills in
Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. After having gained a degree in this specialism at
Leeds Arts University, I knew I wanted to set up my own business.

As a passionate and motivated professional Print Designer, I’m constantly striving to improve
my techniques, expand my skillset and find new opportunities to grow. I make sure to stay at
the forefront of latest trends and I am constantly on the search for inspiration so that I can
create modern and stylish designs.

Check out Ellie Green Design's work on her Instagram channel and website:

Graphic Universe | behang | WallHaus

WallHaus x Ellie Green

Wallhaus support new and upcoming designers like myself, so this was a perfect collaboration for me. Having worked with several wallpaper companies across Europe, I have gained an extensive knowledge and understanding of the wallpaper designing process. The freedom to create something totally unique and expressive was a really great opportunity. Wallhaus are foreword thinking and innovative, which matches my dynamic business approach.

Colour is always at the forefront of my designs.

I find that the colours can help to tell a story of the design. They help to portray a certain mood or evoke feelings that the creator has intended. This is the most enjoyable part of the design process for me, as it can define or transform a design completely. This effect is amplified when applied to wallpaper, as the
large scale of the design creates an immersive effect on the viewer. Wallpaper can make a big impact on a space, and subsequently influence the experience of those who are in its presence. I love the transformative effect that wallpaper can have.

Ellie Greens choice

Design is universal.

There are no boundaries or borders that restrict where design can be present and applicable, even in the most subtle forms. From science to medicine to music,planets and languages. All have been composed, whether organically or man-made.

When designing Graphic Universe, my imagination was limitless and all-encompassing. The blank canvas was filled with and eclectic mix of; textures, forms, graphics, shapes, brush strokes, computer generated design and hand painted artwork. All components and elements were carefully combined to complement one another, and to create a captivating composition.


Graphic Universe | Wallpaper | WallHaus